Well, stress is such a popular word today. Isn’t it.

Everyone is talking about it. We love having it. We brag about it. We challenge others that we have it more than them. We think we are doing an incredible job living with it.


Good for you.

If you like it so much, I wish you more of it.

But if you want to do away with it, here’s something for you.

I think we’ve taken stress out of context and then applied almost everything wrong to deal with it.

We need to first understand the source of stress…

I often write about kindness because I feel I write too little about it.

Kindness is the only currency that can make the world more livable.

Today, let’s explore different types of kindness… Yes, there are different types!

  • The Kindness of “please” & “thank you”.
  • The Kindness of “sorry” & “I was wrong”.
  • The Kindness of “let me help you” & “let’s make it better together”.
  • The Kindness of “listening” & “empathy”.
  • The Kindness of “please” & “thank you”.
  • The Kindness of “please” & “thank you”.
  • The Kindness of “dignity” & “appreciation”.
  • The Kindness of “understanding the other person’s story”…

  1. You are as good, as big, and as successful as your best client. Pick your clients wisely.
  2. Borrow money [if it’s unavoidable] to buy things that go up in value, but never to get something that decays over time.
  3. If you are lending money to someone who will use it to pay back someone, you just donated your money — until you are a bank and have a fully functional recovery unit.
  4. Placebos are real.
  5. Seek out hobbies. Don’t compromise on your hobbies because you are too busy. …

Teams are magical. Organizations win when team wins.

Yet, it’s sad how less we work on building teams with shared meaning.

And working in teams is not easy. Not at all.

There is a constant hustle between tight deadlines, diverse personalities, personal biases, and clarity of direction.

Building High Performance Teams is not an accident. It’s a deliberate, concentrated, and consistent effort.

Here’s my letter to teams… your teams, my team! I hope you find it worth enough to print it and post it at your workplaces…

  • If you make a promise, set a date. …

Well sorry… but someone had to take this up.

Most workplaces are boring… most retail outlets are boring… most academic classes are boring… most families are boring… most trainings are boring… most blogs are boring.

And boring is not necessarily something so bad that one should get offended.

Boring is when everything is predictable.

Boring is when your perspectives are recycled.

Boring is when there is no surprise.

Boring is when there is nothing remarkable.

And when you are boring, people ignore you. Customer, Employees, Clients, Colleagues, Family members… they ignore you.

The bad news is that you can no…

Well, to be honest, I’ve been into conversation where people are discussing what others deserve.

Such a tough task… isn’t it. Or rather an impossible one.

Who am I to decide what you deserve?

But then, I’ve found a shortcut to decide what you deserve…

You deserve what I deserve…

  • Love…
  • Dignity…
  • Grace…
  • Kindness…
  • Compassion…
  • Someone who is willing to listen…
  • A chance to share my thoughts…
  • Equal Opportunity…
  • Benefit of doubt…
  • Another chance…
  • Forgiveness.

What else others deserve…? Think Wisely.

If annual reviews are stressful for your managers and employees, what an opportunity wasted.

But then, most annual reviews that I’ve witnessed or have discussed about are not particularly useful for the employee or the boss.

Most performance reviews happen at the wrong time [financial year closing] and that adds up to the disaster.

So here I present an opportunity for you to do your own review. Sit down with yourself. Be honest. It can change your life.

Here are few questions and follow-up questions to ask yourself:

  • What am I good at?
  • … Am I getting better with it?

Saying ‘please’.

Saying ‘thank you.

Saying “I was wrong, I’m sorry.”

Treating others with dignity and respect.

Giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

Seeing someone for the person that they are and can become.

Realizing that everyone has a story to be told, fear to be negotiated with and dreams seeking to come to life.

Not trying to maximize short-term personal gain.

Building something for the society.

Doing something that you cannot benefit from in your lifetime.

Doing work that matters for people you care about.

Kindness isn’t always easy. It needs courage and clarity. But it multiplies and…

Hey… have you heard someone saying…

I’m doing this worthless/directionless/meaningless/inhuman work because that’s what the boss wants.”

By the way… you might have said it yourself! Perhaps.

There are many alterations of this. But the pain is same.

And it’s everywhere…

A doctor is following a protocol because hospital management wants it that way… An officer is delaying process because the higher ups want it that way. You can see the customer pain, but your boss targets are more important for your survival on job. A teacher is blaming the curriculum for boring classroom experience.

It’s everywhere. …

Here is the secret. There is nothing such as a born salesperson.

Yes. Nothing.

But then, I am sure you’ve heard about people who are instinctively and passionately involved in sales.

Born salesperson is a fictious character that was created by lazy, lethargic, and laggard salesperson. This character of born salesperson evolved as an excuse of not putting the hustle, the hard work, the effort of making things happen.

In reality (as I see it), those who we refer to as born salesperson are the ones who empathize more, learn the art of charisma, invest time in loving the product…

Sohail Zindani

Disruptor, Happiness Enthusiast, Strengths Revolutionist, Leadership & Innovation Consultant, Author, Founder, Learning Minds

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