Boring… Boring… Boring!

Sohail Zindani
2 min readAug 9, 2021


Well sorry… but someone had to take this up.

Most workplaces are boring… most retail outlets are boring… most academic classes are boring… most families are boring… most trainings are boring… most blogs are boring.

And boring is not necessarily something so bad that one should get offended.

Boring is when everything is predictable.

Boring is when your perspectives are recycled.

Boring is when there is no surprise.

Boring is when there is nothing remarkable.

And when you are boring, people ignore you. Customer, Employees, Clients, Colleagues, Family members… they ignore you.

The bad news is that you can no longer continue to be boring and try to buy attention by using ads or authority relationship.

Things are on click… and click is instant and easy.

If people aren’t talking about your products, your ideas, your services, your cause, your movement, your course, or your career, there’s a reason.

The reason is that you’re boring.

And being boring have been traditionally appreciated and so it requires serious hustle to be ‘unboring’.

Your products are boring because that is what market is demanding.

Your work culture is boring because that’s the kind of discipline your factory always had.

Your classes are boring because that’s how you were teaching last year and the last decade and perhaps the last century.

Your employees are boring because they’ve experienced hell when they tried to be remarkable.

Being boring is no longer acceptable.

The only we out is to be on the edge, be interesting, and noteworthy.

But it’s not free.

It costs time and money and effort and risk of being wrong.

So… are you willing to invest in being remarkable…

Alternate is safe… and boring!



Sohail Zindani

Disruptor, Happiness Enthusiast, Strengths Revolutionist, Leadership & Innovation Consultant, Author, Founder, Learning Minds