Celebrate it or Tolerate it.

This is how I look at options to life. Celebrate it or Tolerate it.

Life is about possibilities and probabilities. If that’s getting on to your nerves, work on your nerves and not on the “why" or “how" of life.

It’s funny how we project our inability of dealing with life as worthlessness of life itself.

It’s a choice. Celebrate or Tolerate… Because life is happening. Was happening before you and will continue happening after you. How well will you contribute is the question?

Here’s how you can “Also" Celebrate life.

…organize a community.

…take a risk.

…set ambitious goals.

…give more than you take.

…teach what you learn.

…share your blessings.

…change perceptions.

…forgive and forget.

…forge a new path.

…create possibility.

…demand excellence.

Celebrate life. Else, others will tolerate you ☺

Make a choice.

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