Dealing with Uncertainty in your life & career

One thing is for sure… we are living in interesting times. Times of speed, agility, and so much fun.

Here are my 3 humble suggestions to ride the wave.

Time is a limited resource. Attention is also very limited.

We’ve been educated about time management. Everyone talks about it. Good. It’s important, non-negotiable and limited. But so is attention. Where are you investing your attention and energy? And remember one basic fact of life… When you are focused somewhere, you are ignoring something. Decide between where you focus and what you ignore.

The world respects solution provider.

What is a problem for one person is an opportunity for another. The world is not defined by those who identify the problem and take up the voluntary task to tell it to everyone else. The world remembers those who step up, come forward and do something about those problems. Politics, governance, education, health, business… it’s true everywhere. You see masters of problem-identification and blame, failing on their face when asked to provide solutions. Ask yourself this simple question today… What’s taking up the most part of your day — identifying problems or inventing solutions?

Get better!

The choice is with you. Strategize to prevent the storm or learn how to ride the storm? Thank you Jim Rohn for teaching us… "Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom".

I wish you so much of fun, health and wealth!

Disruptor, Happiness Enthusiast, Strengths Revolutionist, Leadership & Innovation Consultant, Author, Founder, Learning Minds