Letter to Teams

Teams are magical. Organizations win when team wins.

Yet, it’s sad how less we work on building teams with shared meaning.

And working in teams is not easy. Not at all.

There is a constant hustle between tight deadlines, diverse personalities, personal biases, and clarity of direction.

Building High Performance Teams is not an accident. It’s a deliberate, concentrated, and consistent effort.

Here’s my letter to teams… your teams, my team! I hope you find it worth enough to print it and post it at your workplaces…

  • If you make a promise, set a date. If you can’t set a date, don’t promise.

Remember, building a high performing team is not an accident.

Download the PDF Version here: https://bit.ly/lettertoteamsSZ



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Sohail Zindani

Disruptor, Happiness Enthusiast, Strengths Revolutionist, Leadership & Innovation Consultant, Author, Founder, Learning Minds