Is innocent hypocrisy a new term for you? I love inventing new terms — using words in new combinations :)

Innocent hypocrisy is when you don't know that you are being a hypocrite. It's when you somehow find luck and situation to blame.

Let me share few innocent hypocrisies for your review:

  • We love well groomed, well behaved, values-driven kids — but when we see the parents investing themselves in doing so, we think parents are too harsh [I am not advocating parents who treat their children as punching bags — but the ones who take a stand]
  • We appreciate people with decent financial planning and saving — but we hardly want to save or invest.
  • We appreciate healthy, good looking people — but we rarely want to invest into the discipline it takes.
  • We admire people with amazing perspectives on life — but we never have time to read books and meet interesting people.
  • We adore happy families — but we barely show empathy towards those who we call our family.
  • We want to see a peaceful world — but we are not willing to forgive and forget.

This is what hypocrisy is.

Hypocrisy is that after reading these lines, you are not looking inwards — but are busy finding who fits in to this definition of hypocrisy :)

Look inwards. Magic happens within you.

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