Your Annual Review Made Easy!

Sohail Zindani
2 min readAug 3, 2021


If annual reviews are stressful for your managers and employees, what an opportunity wasted.

But then, most annual reviews that I’ve witnessed or have discussed about are not particularly useful for the employee or the boss.

Most performance reviews happen at the wrong time [financial year closing] and that adds up to the disaster.

So here I present an opportunity for you to do your own review. Sit down with yourself. Be honest. It can change your life.

Here are few questions and follow-up questions to ask yourself:

  • What am I good at?
  • … Am I getting better with it?
  • Have I asked a difficult question lately?
  • … Was I able to navigate through the answers?
  • Do people trust me more than they did?
  • … Am I investing in my trustworthiness?
  • Is my perspective changing about things, people, places, work, family, friends, and community?
  • … What am I doing to broaden my perspective?
  • If selling ideas is a skill, am I more skilled at it than I was?
  • … What’s the next big idea that I am going to sell?
  • Who have I developed?
  • … Who have contributed most to my development?
  • Have I had any significant learning opportunity (failure) lately, and what have I learned?
  • … Am I willing to share it with others so that they can also learn from it?
  • Am I more likely to be leading or following?
  • … Am I leading / following better than I was earlier?

Note: This exercise can be done weekly, monthly, and quarterly too… The frequency depends upon how badly you want to contribute and make a difference.



Sohail Zindani

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